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Our Work in Chattanooga

The Protectors visited Chattanooga in February 2016 to speak with local educators about bullying. Paul Coughlin addressed several misconceptions, passing on the idea that cultural change is the key to diminish bullying. But reducing it in schools requires more than removing derelict administrators. Courage is ultimately needed to stand up to bullying, but parents must expect their kids to do the right thing: change from bystanders, to alongside-standers.

“Your child is far more likely to join the bully than to help the target,” Coughlin said. “We’re here to help you change that.”

Silverdale Baptist Academy hosted the Courageous Community Conference, in an effort to unite a community struggling with bullying.

CLICK HERE to read an article written by David Cobb for the Times Free Press in Chattanooga, and learn more about our efforts there.



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