The Protectors

Courageous Communities Against Bullying

The Protectors is proud to have partnered with a diverse group of community leaders across the country to diminish this often misunderstood form of child-on-child aggression. These dynamic partnerships are part of an ongoing effort to bring freedom-from-bullying to entire communities, promoting better public health, social justice, compassion, and student leadership and safety, among other benefits.

Some of our supporting partners include:


Meet Jane Houston, The Protectors ACSI Representative

Jane HoustonWith three decades of experience in public and private schools, Jane Houston brings a passion for defending the vulnerable to her position at The Protectors. A licensed teacher with an ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) certification in administration and teaching, Jane is enthusiastic about sharing The Protectors’ freedom-from-bullying curriculum to faith-based schools. Jane earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Judson Baptist College and Southern Oregon University, respectively. Through her career of coaching, teaching and college counseling, Jane considers working with students a privilege and joy. Based out of Northern California, she, her husband and two children enjoy movies, sports, music, reading and exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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