The Protectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we partner with other schools to help pay for the cost of the complete program?

A: You sure can! The Protectors allows you to combine schools for the same presentations to students, faculty training and parents.

Q: What makes the protectors so different and effective?

A: There are many reasons, we concentrate the majority of our energy upon the real star in the “Theater of Bullying”: The Bystander. Studies show that Bystanders have the most potential power to diminish bullying. They just need help getting over their fear of intervention, which we do through our unique and effective Courage Training Module.

High School Presentation

Q: Why do you call it the “theater of bullying”?

A: Because like a movie or play, bullying doesn’t take place “everywhere.” It needs a conducive environment to exist and thrive. It needs a theater. Our goal is to dismantle the theater by getting the “four characters” to change their role.

Q: Which grade levels do you work with?

A: We work with grades 3-12. We have found that most children K-2 just don’t get what we do since much of what we bring to your organization is increasing the courage of the Bystander so they become Alongside Standers of kids who are bullied.

Q: How long is each presentation?

A: It depends on what you need. We can make presentations as short as 30 minutes to one hour. We recommend that presentations to grades 3-6 or so go no longer than 45 minutes, and presentations to grades 7-12 tend to go best when around 40 to 60 minutes. Morning presentations are usually more impacting than later in the day.

Q: Do you take questions from students during your presentations?

A: We do! We find that grades 3-7 or so are willing to say their questions out loud. Older students aren’t as willing to do this, so we recommend that they write their questions down ahead of time for us to answer.

Q: What does your live presentation require?

A: A microphone and audio-video hookup for a PowerPoint presentation. We bring our own computer. It’s essential that the microphone equipment be set up ahead of time and is properly tested.

Q: When do you provide the live presentation?

A: Anytime during the school year. We also provide Faculty Training before the beginning of the new school year, before school is officially “in.”

Q: Is your program used in countries other than the united states?

A: Yes it is! It is used throughout the world, including Canada, South Africa, Uganda, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries.