The Protectors

Public School 4-Part Anti Bullying Program

This unique, effective and proven 4-part program helps your organization do more than reduce bullying. It provides profound character development through The Protectors unique Courage Training Module. Increase respect, character and courage throughout your organization today. Click here to purchase our Values-Based Curriculum.

The Protectors Comprehensive Anti-Bullying Program Includes the Following:

Live Presentations:

Faculty training, student assemblies, and Parent/Community Night. Together, they create a comprehensive solution to bullying, which according to the Department of Health & Human Services is the only kind that works.

School-Wide Curriculum:

This 7-lession curriculum moves your student body toward one goal: Diminish bullying by changing the culture of your school, helping all “four characters” in the “Theater of Bullying,” change their role–especially Bystanders who become courageous “Alongside Standers.”

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Protectors Freedom Council:

Most anti-bullying programs fail because they do not stay alive and active. Not anymore. This special curriculum is designed for student leaders, faculty and even select community members of your choosing who “get” The Protectors mission and want to keep it going at your school. Think of the PFC as your varsity squad: allies in your battle against bullying.

Protectors Freedom From Bullying Newsletter:

Each month your school receives ongoing tips, training and information about creating freedom from bullying and in the process, courage, character and leadership for life.