The Protectors

Resources that Educate, Prevent & Rehabilitate

Education and Prevention

The Protectors has the right resources for you to bring hope and healing from this intentional and repeated form of abuse, including information on non-traditional forms of education.

The Protector’s Anti-Bullying Curriculum

The Protectors offer both a Faith-Based Curriculum designed for faith based organizations, such as private schools and summer camps, and a Values-Based Curriculum designed for public schools, grades 2-12.

For more information on our Faith-Based Program, visit our Faith-Based Program page. To purchase this curriculum visit our Protectors Shop.




For more information on our Public School Program visit our Public School Program page. To purchase this curriculum visit our Protectors Shop.





 The ‘Hero in You’ DVD Anti-Bullying Program

dvdThis interactive, powerful and life-changing program will take your faith-based organization on an incredible journey of love, mercy, justice, compassion and courage like no other program. This program is perfect for youth groups and small gatherings.

To read more about this program visit our Hero in You Program page. To purchase this DVD set visit our Protectors Shop.


4-Circle Defense Against Bullying Parent Guide

“My child is being bullied. Please help!”

This is the #1 request we receive at The Protectors, so we’ve created a comprehensive solution for parents, grandparents, guardians and others who provide regular care to children. This guide is designed to be consumed quickly and effectively—exactly what people in great need require.

To purchase, please visit our Protectors Shop.