The Protectors

What We Do

The Protectors provides innovative and comprehensive solutions through dynamic partnerships to help entire communities combat the only form of abuse that authority tells the most vulnerable among us to “just ignore.”

We do this by addressing four specific outcomes:


Our immediate goal is to bring justice, protection and relief to Targets of serial bullying—some of whom need help with psychological and spiritual renewal.


Witnesses to bullying (Bystanders) possess tremendous potential power to reduce bullying through the deployment of positive peer pressure—one of the most powerful forces in youth culture today. We train Bystanders how to become heroic Alongside Standers of Targets. This is done primarily through courage training and a commitment to responsibility and duty toward others.


We help Authority hold Bullies accountable and foster genuine reform when possible. This is achieved by helping Bullies see the humanity and value in others—often through the portal of humility, not increased self-esteem, positive discipline or peer mediation, which in many cases are not effective. In doing so, we help Targets escape the pervasive fear that ensnares them and denies them equal access to education, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.


The Protectors helps values-based and faith-based organizations create an environment or “tone” that does not tolerate bullying, and at the same time celebrates the courageous actions on behalf of those who assertively but non-violently stand against bullying.