The Protectors

Freedom from Bullying Alliance formed in Fort Bend County

The Protectors Alliance of Fort Bend Communities is the result of a unique partnership between local business leaders, community leaders, civic organizations, faith based organizations and Fort Bend ISD Student Support Services. Their mission statement is: Promoting Freedom from Bullying for Everyone!

A recent Harris Poll (Sept 2011) revealed that bullying is the leading concern among parents and students, surpassing illicit sexual activity, drug use and gang activity. It is also the leading form of abuse that a child will experience. According to the Secret Service, approximately 85% of school shootings have revenge against, and anger from, bullying as their major motive.


As part of Sugar Creek Baptist Church’s ongoing commitment to serving the community, it has decided to bring a freedom from bullying effort to the community, promoting better public health, social justice, compassion, student leadership and safety, among other benefits.

“Bullying is an issue that is no longer confined to the elementary school playground.  As we have seen it reaches from the playground to the pro sports arena,” says Clif Cummings, Associate Pastor of Sugar Creek and Chaplain for the Sugar Land Police Department. “Solving the problem of bullying cannot be laid solely upon the shoulders of school teachers and administrators.  It affects the entire community and must be addressed by the entire community. This group of leaders is committed to helping this effort throughout our community for years to come, and we are asking other community-loving businesses and organizations to do the same.”

“Bullying is not about conflict, misunderstanding and related myths,” says Paul Coughlin, Founder & President of The Protectors, which works with both public schools and private religious organizations to diminish bullying. “Bullying is an intentional form of abuse, the only one of its kind that we tell the most vulnerable among us to ‘just ignore.’ In many cases, bullying is really about contempt and hatred, which are learned behaviors. In many cases it’s about pride, arrogance, entitlement, and a belief by some that they are superior to others. Standing against bullying is really about standing for human dignity, and the Protectors Alliance of Fort Bend Communities can play a unique role in bringing health and healing to the community.”

The Protectors freedom-from-bullying program is used by hundreds of organizations throughout the world, says Coughlin, who is also a FoxNews contributor. He is also a former newspaper editor, reporter, expert witness regarding bullying and the law, and varsity soccer coach, and who was also voted Coach of the Year twice. He says that in order to diminish bullying in any community, there must be a comprehensive solution comprised of groups that work with youth.

The Protectors Alliance of Fort Bend Communities is undertaking this bold city-wide initiative which will culminate in a community wide event in October of 2014.

Freedom From Bullying Seminar, January 22-23, 2014

Freedom From Bullying seminar will be held on January 22, 2014 at Sugar Creek followed by a community-wide event in the Sugar Creek Main Auditorium on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 7 p.m. This event is open to the public. Parents are encouraged to attend. To find out how you can become part of this community wide initiative and life-changing movement, please contact Clif Cummings at or call Sugar Creek Baptist Church at 281.242.2858