The Protectors

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The ‘Hero in You’ Anti-Bullying Program

The Protectors ‘Hero in You’ DVD & Curriculum Available Soon

Bullying, which has become the #1 concern among many parents and children, actively opposes your faith-based organizations’s mission and purpose:  to bring your children into a deeper relationship with God. This is because bullying spreads pervasive fear, not just among Targets but Bystanders as well.

This interactive, powerful and life-changing program will take your faith-based organization on an incredible journey of love, mercy, justice, compassion and courage like no other program.

The ‘Hero in You’ DVD is for ages 8 and up and includes the following:

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to Love, Mercy, Justice and Righteousness
LESSON 1:  Myths that Stop the Hero in You
LESSON 2:  Freedom & Fairness for Targets
LESSON 3:  Bullies:  Leadership in the Wrong Direction
LESSON 4:  Yes to God:  Becoming a Heroic ‘Alongside Stander’

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