Courageous Communities Against Bullying

The Protectors partner with a diverse group of leaders across the country in an ongoing effort to bring freedom-from-bullying to entire communities, promoting better public health, compassion and student leadership and safety.

Public School Anti-Bullying Program

Create a safer school, greater test scores and more by reducing bullying, cyberbullying, and unkindness now. [Grades 3-12]

Parent Resources that Educate, Prevent and Rehabilitate

The Protectors has the right resources for parents, grandparents and concerned community members to bring hope and healing from this intentional and repeated form of abuse, including information on non-traditional forms of education.

Private Faith Based School Anti-Bullying Program

This comprehensive, faith-based solution to bullying, cyperbullying and unkindness brings hope, love and justice to thousands world-wide. [Grades 3-12]

“The Protectors Freedom From Bullying program allowed us to create awareness of bullying and more importantly, created a mechanism for us to do something about it. Use of the program resulted in a measurable decrease of reported bullying, and gives students and adults a way to deter and prevent bullying.” - Judy Rudebusch, Ed.D, Irvine's Assistant Superintendent