The Protectors


Meet Jerald Malamba, Founder and Executive Director of Ebenezer African Hearts Organization in Tanzania. When Jerald contacted us informing us of the devastating affect bullying is having on schools in Central Africa, we decided to join forces with his organization and help free Africa from bullying by changing the culture and bringing The Protectors into schools in the area to teach courage, character, and leadership for life.

“A mother got pregnant while in school, was bullied horribly, and ran away from home abandoning the innocent baby! Please help The Protectors and the Ebenezer African Hearts bring hope to the people of Tanzania.” –Jerald Malamba, Founder and Executive Director of Ebenezar African Hearts Organization

Seven schools in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda have expressed strong desire and committed to working with The Protectors to spread our program through their schools, churches, and institutions and become ambassadors for other schools in Africa experiencing the same devastation. Together, with your help, we can help bring freedom-from-bullying to a country and culture in need.

 Meet the Students in Tanzania

Tanzania Students

How Can You Help?

Many of the schools lack the funding necessary to incorporate The Protectors Curriculum into their school. Contact us here if you’d like to sponsor one of the following schools:

Magu High School, Tanzania
Itumbili Secondary School, Tanzania
Geita High School, Tanzania
Migori Boys Sec School, Kenya
Magongo Primary School, Kenya
Good Samaritan High School, Uganda
Kyotera Business Institute, Uganda

To financially support The Protectors mission to bring hope to Central Africa, or for more information on ways to help, click here.